My inspiration

My inspiration to create a line of pet food that I could offer to the greater community came out of my own desire to feed my pets the healthiest diet possible as close to what nature intended. I knew the two things that held me back the most in the past were cost and time. I also wondered how many others might want to feed their pets a healthier diet but were held back by the same things. As someone who has been passionate about animals my whole life and real whole food for the last 20 years I thought what a wonderful way it would be to help other animals thrive by offering fresh balanced real food at prices lower than most whole food commercial products, and thus Ancestral Nutrition for pets was born.

Ancestral Nutrition for pets is a formulation of foods based on Dr. Karen Becker‘s guidelines from Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats. She has based her recipes according to the ancestral diet based on information gathered from anthropological studies and work done by Ellen Dierenfeld, PhD on the composition of prey animals. In all my blends you will find meat, bones, organ meats, veggies, and a small amount of fruit. Some blends have sardines, some have organic pastured eggs from my farm, and some have neither as they are designed to be used on a rotational basis. Veggies and fruit will be changed regularly depending on what’s in season and available to give your pet the best possible nutritional variety. A hand mixed blend of vitamins and minerals will be included at no extra cost per Dr. Becker’s guidelines to cover any minimal nutritional gaps in the diet. The only addition to this that Dr. Becker recommends is a small amount of Krill Oil which you can order on your own or I can provide to you for a nominal cost to add to your pet’s food based on the amount your pet needs.

These meals are designed to replicate the balance and content of the food dogs and cats really ate, mostly small prey with some scavenging done by dogs. According to Dr. Becker the best way to obtain the most nutritionally balanced diet through this plan is to have your pets on a rotation of approximately half poultry and half other meats and protein sources. If you feed twice a day ideally you would rotate through beef, turkey, and chicken and have eggs and sardines in 8 of the 14 meals you feed in a week. If you feed only once a day then you will want to have eggs and sardines in 4 out of the 7 meals. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to feed your pet an optimally balanced diet.

Rotation is an important aspect of this plan. These recipes are designed as part of a complete program. Each recipe fits with the others. They are not designed to stand alone. It is more nutritionally sound to rotate through the components that comprise a diet with variety and balance. For those that cannot afford to feed their pet entirely on a real food diet, one option is to provide half of your pet’s food with real food and the other half on a commercially produced diet in 2 separate meals. Any addition of real fresh food to your pet’s diet will be of benefit!

A broad rule of thumb to determine how much your adult pet will need to eat is approximately 2 to 3% of their body weight. This calculation can greatly vary depending on age and activity level. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and whether you choose to purchase pet food from me or not I hope I have inspired you to take whatever steps you can to providing your pets a real food diet!